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Foothills Neurology Pc
4530 E Muirwood Dr Ste 111, Phoenix, AZ 85048
(480) 961-2365


I've been a patient as a migraine sufferer for some time and always received compassionate, knowledgable, thorough care with followup visits that are always as thorough. As assessments are carried out, when necessary, medications are adjusted or alternative methods of treatment are discussed and executed. Migraines are not easy to treat as a sufferer would know. Yet Dr. Fechtel has personal experience to attest to what care and awareness needs to be given. Subsequently, I've had a brain tumor and aneurysm and my continued neurological treatment with Dr. Fechtel and Foothills Neurology is i...
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Top Phoenix Neurologists. The CORE Institute
18444 N 25th Ave Ste 310, Phoenix, AZ 85023


I had surgery for a broken Tibia. Dr. Emily Squyer performed the surgery. To say that she did a fantastic job is really an under statement.It has been three days since the surgery and I am up walking around with a walker, able to drive a car and I am back to work doing EE Design Test work on UPS Sys...
They are very nice at first. But, after I had a procedure there was little follow-up. I also was not given a care plan after my procedure, and no care instructions. I contacted the doctor and the doctor's assistant never called me back. I have had to make an appointment with my family doctor for him...
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Arizona Neurological Institute
10240 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85037
(623) 935-3338
I was trying to reach this place for my husband who is a patient here but, for some reason he thought they were called the Core Institute of Neurology? I could not find a listing that matched the location and the type of specialist they are. When I called this number, it said, not in service! I found their were several locations, so I called the one on Thunderbird Rd and it was 4:41 PM, their listing said they were open from 8:00 AM to 5 PM and they were already closed! I feel that if you advertised you will be open till a set time, you should remain open till then! What a waste of time and ve...
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