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EverSafe Moving Co.
8701 Torresdale Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136
(215) 821-8547


Why Choose EverSafe? Moving can be a stressful experience. We'll bring you peace of mind. It's our business to maintain a laser-like focus on exceeding customer expectations.
Absolutely fantastic. I could not be life happy with the services provided by eversafe. Along with being terrifically nice, the movers were very efficient and moved very quickly. As icing on the cake, they came in significantly under the estimate. I would use this company again in a heartbeat.
Very courteous and efficient.
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Olympus Moving Company Philadelphia Movers
1500 John F Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19102
(718) 788-1990


Great service and value. Olympus Moving and Storage blew me away with their hard work and efficiency. Let me start by saying that I hate it when other people touch my furnitures, especially because much of it is irreplaceable. I was referred by a friend who highly recommended Olympus Moving and Storage, and I was a little skeptical at first. The stress of moving is enough to make anyone crazy but Olympus Moving were amazing! Olympus Movers were courteous, professional, and knew what they were doing. I had them come out and pack for me the day before my move day. They brought all their suppli...
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Philadelphia Movers
1 International Plz Ste 550, Philadelphia, PA 19113
(215) 279-8834
Excellent job! Very professional work. Movers arrived on time. Stephen and Mark worked hard and quickly, relocating apartment furniture and personal items. Great work and I highly recommend.
I've heard a lot of Movers in Philadelphia. But my number choice is to have Philadelphia Movers in my moves to Moorestown. My wife and I got satisfied the services they had. At affordable price ever!
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4925 Princeton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19135
(215) 352-3921


This morning I had the pleasure of being moved by U S A Moving Relocation this guys were perfect good experience
I would like to express my complete satisfaction with U.S.A MOVING & RELOCATION. I've moved far too often in my life so I am something of an expert on moving companies and they are, by far, the best moving service provider I've ever had. Throughout the move I did not come across a single moving ...
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Devon Self Storage
1831 W Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19132
(215) 436-8563


Devon Self Storage is committed to fulfilling all your personal & business self storage needs with top quality storage, superior customer service & convenient locations. Devon Self Storage uses video ...
Both the manager and staff or whoever they were are ignorant and do not know how to talk to customers. The staff with the Nj/ny accent kept addressing me as "Sweetie", I take that very offensive because I am not a child and there is a certain way to talk to people.
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Universal Moving Services LLC
325 Chestnut St. Suite 800, Philadelphia, PA 19106
(888) 788-4584


I am so happy with Universal Moving Services for making my move go perfect. From the first time we contacted the company things were smooth. The salesperson was informative and the crew on move date was so professional. They were superb when it came to packing my valuables. The delivery was prompt. ...
My previous moving company experiences were real nightmares compared to moving with Universal. They were really great with packing up my more fragile furniture, helping me put padding on all the antiques and bringing heavier items down the stairs that I couldn’t move myself. I moved from a fifth flo...
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Mambo Movers
1205 S 15th St, Philadelphia, PA 19146
(215) 670-9535


When I needed a moving company to move my daughter to downtown Philadelphia, I figured I’m screwed. I mean the average person ‘moves” what, maybe 3 or 4 times tops in their lifetime? So why the hell should they care if I’m a ‘satisfied customer’? So I Googled, “moving company”, “Philadelphia”, and got exactly what I expected. EVERY “moving company” website looked the same.And then I saw this: Mambo Movers - Philadelphia's premier movers, local artists and musicians. OK, at least something different, not exactly what I had in mind, ‘local artists and musicians’. I guess I had ‘local weight lift...
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Old City Movers
1324 N 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
(267) 205-5209


What a great experience!!! Within 1 year I have moved 3 times and each time with Old City? two apartments and a new home. I initially used Old City when I was in Center City so when I recently bought a house further out into the Philadelphia suburbs it was no question who I was going to call ? regardless of the distance. People recommended local movers so I didn?t have to pay for them to get here, but in my mind, there was no question. These guys are worth every single penny. I?ve talked to people who have had nightmare experiences with movers ? as for Old City; I would recommend this co...
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Elvis Dirt Cheap Moving Company
4663 Stenton Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19144
(215) 849-5605


These men were on time and they Did their job in a timely manner. They were pleasant. I really appreciate Mike and the other two guys (I forgot their names). Moving can be a stressful time, and these me alleviated some of my stress today. Thank u! If I ever run into anyone who is moving, I would def...
One of the best teams! Mallik, Rajaee and Henry were awesome. Very truthful, sincere movers. Great management! I moved a full 2 BHK Apt stuff locally (from Conshy to Boothwyn ~25 miles). Costed me less than $400 (including tip). They have all the equipments/tools needed to quickly move your stuff. A...
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A Team Movers
1400 N American St, Philadelphia, PA 19122
(215) 232-8326
A-Team movers rocks. Thats all I gotta say. Showed up on time, at 930, and were done by 12noon. I moved my 1 bedroom apartment about 8 blocks, so it wasn't a lot of stuff, and it wasn't far, but the three guys who showed up were amazingly helpful and fast. They're top of my list to recommend the ne...
Our first move in 29 years couldn't have been handled better. Jonah and his team were quick, efficient, patient, kind-hearted, careful, and energetic. They dealt with an extremely narrow Philadelphia street and a difficult parking situation (including a mean neighbor) with total professionalism. ...
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Isaac's Relocation Service
4309 G St, Philadelphia, PA 19124
(888) 851-6880


Isaacs moved me and my wife from our 2200 square foot house in King of Prussia to a 2-bedroom apartment in Bryn Mawr on March 23. The crew, led by Sebastian, arrived forty-five minutes early and from then on were courteous, professional, careful, and quick. We were out of the house in three hours...
We were very, very pleased with everything that Isaac's Relocation Service did for us. They were on time, they worked very hard, carefully and quickly, and best of all, I thought there pricing was very good. I would highly recommend them.
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Superior Moving Service
6701 State Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19135
(610) 265-8100


I have been meaning to write this, it has been about two weeks since we have moved, and moving is exhausting. Superior Moving first of all has the best rates. Second of all they customized are rates to even bring the price down. Two very professional, courtesy young men showed up to do a very effic...
VERY IMPRESSED! I had a move scheduled this past Saturday (with a different company who never showed up). I called around and Superior was not only the cheapest but the nicest during the quoting process (I obviously was stressed out due to the circumstances). My movers, Amir and Terrell were AWESOME...
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