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The Laser Techs, LLC
834 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
(215) 278-7806
The laser techs. Laser and skin MED SPA. Specializes in many laser treatments and aesthetics such AS; tattoo removal. Permanent hair removal. Skin tightening. Scar removal. AGE spot removal. CELLULITE...
I never have to shave again in just a few more treatments! I was nervous about the laser hair removal but I'm more scared of using razors down there now.. Wasn't too painful and was a million times faster than shaving.. Team no need for mirrors to get places we can't see!
The staff at the laser techs is very personable and professional making my experience an even better one. The facility was immaculate as well as relaxing. I had a laser Brazilian (permanent hair removal) and I am extremely satisfied. If anyone is looking for a med spa that performs permanent hair r...
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Central Square Medical Ctr Inc
9501 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19114
(215) 671-8900
i love and miss you. there no one like you you will always be one of a kind i miss you dr ty for be in there for me 40 some yrs you where the best. stars are just for pat and Michelle and Carol thank you so guys understand me more than anybody else did ty best team around one of a kind
one of a kind always miss you I wish you just.should start looking for a doctor when I knew you retire and I knew nobody would be able to handle me but you i miss you dr p your one of the best :( I was discharged my life totally drop. never forget you. having such a hard time I wish you would just c...
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1211 Chestnut St Fl 5, Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 665-8670


JJPI is a non-profit mental health agency providing outpatient assessment and treatment services in the area of sexual abuse. The program began with the pioneering work of psychiatrist Joseph J. Peter...
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